Memori Adeudnie

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Smart Set Time

Do you feel the next 24 hours seem so long or even less? So, you can not finish the job that you schedule well.

If you said yes to the above, there is nothing wrong with the way you manage your time. But now you no longer need to worry, because there are smart tips below to set the time, which can help solve your problem.

Priority scale
Make a list of your job, sort and resolve those first jobs ranging from most important to less important. Strikeout list of work completed, and then continue to the next job.

organize work
This step will allow you to finish the job. The existence of organized or setting that really makes your work simple sight.

Also, try not to dominate and finish the job alone. In terms of your work will be easier if done in conjunction with another co-worker.

Just as well, you politely refuse the assignment if it is beyond the ability of your time availability as well. Rather than fail later, because it is not optimal and timely.

Remove Delaying Work Habits
Try to finish the job on time, with no delay the work. If you always put off, it means that you're delaying your success too.

Set a break
Do not underestimate your health, set the best time. Use your break time, by not only working because if you are tired of the job becomes less efficient results.